Why Fieldap in Offshore engineering?

FieldAp is a boundary breaking new tool for visual field development, digital planning and cost management.
FieldAp serves as a collaboration platform between experts, disciplines and companies involved in the life of field perspective.
FieldAp provides specific offshore engineering software to digitize the planning process and optimize decisions

Digitize your assets
Visualize your field
Collaborate with your team

Key Features
Key Benefits

Digitize your Assets

Your assets are your most valuable resources during field planning.

They contain the knowledge and passion of years of engineering talent and commitment. At the same time the world is moving to the cloud. To respond to this trend you must bring your valuable assets into the cloud too. FieldAP is the only digital energy solution that offers a 100% cloud based approach to asset management.

In FieldAP your assets become smart.

Your assets contain engineering data, costing data and configurations. You select an asset and all that data becomes part of the overall project. From now on, your knowledge will be available to those who need it – instantly! Save time, reduce errors and control risk.

Visualize your Field

People are visual creatures.

We need to see assets and information in a visual relevant context as we would in the real-world. With FieldAP you can now bring your valuable assets to life as 3D visual representations within the entire field layout.

Realize your ideas significantly faster, generating real data, leading to smarter decisions.

Move assets around in 3D and all connected assets will move in tandem. MetaData, costs and timelines will recalculate instantly. Information is always up to date, relevant and accessible.

Collaborate with your team

Your global team is the lifeblood of your project.

They are the creative force behind your project’s success. However communication errors, misunderstandings and language barriers are serious challenges. FieldAP brings real-time visual collaboration to all aspects of your field design project.

Real-Time Global Collaboration means reduced risk of errors and accelerated timelines across your entire project life.

All stakeholders can now see the same information, at the same time. Subject matter experts can participate in the process bringing their special knowledge into the flow early and often.

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Field Activity Planner offers a cloud based digital platform for enabling rapid visual workflows for your offshore engineering work. The platform allows you to easily integrate with other backend systems and offshore engineering software already in use in your organization either for field design, field planning, or activity scheduling to name a few key areas.

If you are looking at different offshore software solutions to improve your day to day activities we use modern browser and cloud technology to deliver a state of the art collaborative field planning software platform that excels in easy to use 2D and 3D field layout and design of your subsea and topside projects. By using a real-time database, we ensure that you can collaborate on field design and planning with your colleagues around the globe to save both time and money by avoiding multiple revisions of proposed layouts.

We also support the most common data sources, and formats used for typical offshore software solutions e.g. bathymetry, reservoir, and well paths. Using our SaaS software, you can direct from your browser quickly design a field layout where you load up your bathymetry and/or survey data. Then simply add 3D reservoir and well data for a complete overview and start to finalize you subsea layout by placing generic or company specific subsea and topside assets in the correct locations. And while you design, modify, and collaborate on possible field layouts you will see that cost calculations are constantly updated when the design changes.

All this data is securely uploaded and processed in our cloud service and is viewable in both 2D and 3D, and you can invite coworkers into you project, and directly create a shareable URL for view only purposes that can be sent outside your organization to prospective clients and partners.